Reasons to Invest in Higher Education

I am eight months out of college and last week I uploaded a video compilation of my experience during those four years.

While everyone’s intense college graduation emotions are far behind, there’s still a deep appreciation for everything I’ve experienced and for everyone I’ve experienced it all with. These are the people I’ve built history with during a time in my life that if it were described as “important,” it would be the understatement of the century.

I’m a sucker for detail as much as I am for nostalgia. I’ve tried to document my life as much as I could because I’ve always wanted something to hold on to. If it’s recorded, photographed, or written down, it could never get away from me.

Yet my favorite moments of those four years were never captured on camera. No hard drives filled with candid photos of these times. No memorabilia of those events saved for a scrapbook. But they’re the scenes that flash through my head when I think of college, of those people. I may not remember every detail but the feelings are always there. It’s as if life made sure those moments are just for me, knowing I would prefer it that way.

These are the people I’ve built history with. Things have already changed, and will continue to change as time goes on. But that foundation will always have been built. And I’m a firm believer that no matter how weathered that may get, with any relationship, you can always go back to that foundation if you want to, to continue on or to start over.

This video and these photos document just a fraction of the moments and people that I invested myself in. That made college something I’ll never regret.


These are my reasons to invest in higher education.

Make sure to watch this in HD (with the quality on at least 720p60 or 1080p60).