Always in Transit: Jack's Mannequin

I remember standing there holding the album in my hands. I remember me, at 11 (maybe 12?), running my eyes down the track list on the back of the CD case. Standing there in the record store tucked away in the corner of the mall, holding the album in my hands.

Everything In Transit was no doubt a well-worn album that has been put to good use in the past decade, from its repetitive runs on my CD player to the constant rotations in my family's stereo to the endless plays in my Subaru Forrester.

It's strange to think that there's an album I discovered before I became a teenager, that would hold relevance to me for the next 10+ years. Reflecting back on it, it's held such personal staying power due to its ability to mean something both different yet familiar throughout several stages of my life. While I've gone through a variety of different challenges and triumphs growing up, there are EiT lyrics that have held up in terms of relatability. From looking at your friends during carefree teenage moments and believing you can all live like this, to wanting to make a clean break and not needing to be rescued, to reminding yourself not to panic, knowing it's going to be a hard day. Its messages revealed themselves to me time and again, changing slightly to adapt to the situation I was in. Plus it goes without saying, the West Coast pop-rock sound is one that I never seem to get tired of. A 45-minute California summer coming through my speakers.

In 2006, Jack's Mannequin played a show in Philadelphia at the Electric Factory. Of course, my parents told my 12-year-old self I wasn't allowed to go, and so I missed out on what would've been my first concert.

Ten years later, on January 30, 2016, Jack's Mannequin played a show in Philadelphia at the Electric Factory again. A little over a decade after Everything in Transit droppedthe band reunited for the album's ten year anniversary tour. It's kind of an unreal feeling to stand there watching your first favorite band play songs that ended up soundtracking certain parts of your life. To see and feel those moments play back in your mind as the music plays on in front of you. To realize how much you've been through, to get you to where you are as who you are.

And to know that there will always be more moments that will come and go, both good and bad. Because everything is always in transit.