Perspectives: Golden Hour From 553 Feet Up

Last week, I snuck up to a New York City rooftop for the first time and saw Midtown from a perspective I've never seen with my own eyes. Thanks to Carl and AC, I got to take some portrait and landscape photos at golden hour, which is the most ideal situation I've been lucky enough to shoot thus far.

After watching the sun disappear beneath the horizon line, climbing down ladders, and walking back out onto city pavement, I've never been more excited to shoot again. I've also never been more grateful to live in a city so full of character. There hasn't been a day since I moved to New York that I don't think about how lucky I am to live this life I have. I only ever hope that I'm able to document those feelings and these moments well enough to serve it even the tiniest bit of justice.

Also, today marks four months since I moved from a small New Jersey suburb to New York City. So what better way to celebrate that than to post a photo set of the city I only ever dreamed of living in.